Good works and small business often go hand in hand. Local business owners serve the communities they live in, and over the years they've invented a long list of wacky ways to give a little back. Now that spring is right around the corner, you might see one pretty soon. Dumpsters Unlimited, based in Christiana, Tennessee, has added into their rotation a bright purple dumpster. Every time the eye catching garbage receptacle goes on out, D U (Dumpsters Unlimited) will donate $25 to American Cancer Society's Rutherford County Relay for Life. The big purple dumpster makes it easy to do good, so here are our top three excuses to order a dumpster.

Home renovation

If you're looking to get some renovations done this spring, chances are you'll be up to your eyeballs in construction debris by the time it's all over with. This one may sound fairly obvious, but you should get a dumpster. You can save yourself about a hundred trips to the dump and as with dumpster removal, so with charity, Dumpsters unlimited does all the heavy lifting

Pool your garbage resources

Spring cleaning is close at hand, and most people are looking to get rid of some of their junk. If you can't manage a dumpsterful, get together with your neighbors and share the cost. And you thought it couldn't get any easier.

Dig a giant hole

Help yourself out. Since you've got to get a dumpster over to your house pronto, why not put in an in ground pool. You'll have plenty of dirt to fill the dumpster, and you get the fringe benefit of lounging in your own personal oasis all summer long. We all like helping people, especially when it's easy, so if your spring cleaning list includes some "light clutter removal", fire up that old walnut and figure out a way to get that purple dumpster on your front lawn.