When it comes to getting rid of big messes and mass storage, homeowners and business owners run into many of the same problems. Big junk that won't fit neatly into carloads, messy or unruly materials, and sheer volume are common hurdles to overcome in extraordinary cleanup projects. Luckily, there are also several solutions on the market. Here are a few of the common methods.

Junk removal service

In some instances, Hiring a junk removal service is the most cost effective option compared to the other two. If you simply have too much junk to haul yourself, but not enough to fill a dumpster, then junk removal wins, and comes with the added benefit of not having to handle the material too much yourself. Be aware that they do get more expensive as your junk pile increases in size and in the number of trips it takes to get it all to the dump.


The bagster is another convenient option that allows you to get rid of large amounts of solid waste all at once, for a relatively low price. Though smaller than a traditional dumpster, the bagster is flexible in more ways than one. As it is not a heavy and cumbersome piece of equipment, the planning stress of picking up and getting rid of said piece of equipment. You just buy the bag, fold it up and put it away until the junk removal part of your project is underway.

Roll off dumpsters

If the junk pile has gotten somewhat beyond you, and you begin to feel you'll need something on the order of a full sized dumpster to get rid of it, fear not. They are readily available, and at a fixed cost per dumpster, they don't get more expensive in relation to the amount of junk you have. This makes them the most cost effective option when you have more to get rid of, while their size outperforms the bagster under the same conditions.

This rundown of waste removal options is not quite complete, as it leaves out a few DIY options, it does give you a basic comparison from which to start. Good luck and happy dumping.