We’ve all seen it on the sides of roads, especially in rural areas… furniture, tires, household garbage. All haunting the landscape. What we don’t see are the frightening impacts on the community and long-term environmental impacts. And it’s no treat to be fined for illegal dumping in Tennessee which can cost you up to $2,500.

What’s so bad about tossing a few items on the side of a road? Leaching chemicals can contaminate the soil and water. When the rainwater runoff flows into rivers and streams community drinking water, fish, and wildlife can be affected. Trash can also attract wildlife to an area, usually close to roads, making them more likely to be killed by passing vehicles, and wildlife eating trash can become sick and easy prey for predators.

One of the most chilling impacts of illegal dumping is on the health of humans. Aside from chemical runoff affecting water supplies, mosquitos breed in water that collects in the trash, flies feed and breed readily, and small mammals like rats and raccoons attracted to the trash carry a range of diseases.

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