Moving into a new home might not be the first life event that you associate with renting a dumpster, but more often than not there's going to be the need for a dumpster service, especially if there's yardwork/remodeling involved. Here are just a few reasons to consider renting a dumpster service when preparing to move into a new home.

1. Boxes

Moving usually entails a lot of boxes, and while we would like to recycle as much as possible sometimes consigning used boxes to a container, such as a dumpster, is the best way to preserve your sanity as you wade through the mess that will eventually become your organized and functional new home. We recommend trying to collect your moving boxes from behind stores, especially liquor stores who often put their boxes out on the curb for people to use for this very reason. Also, you can ask your dumpster service about their recycling options.

2. Leftover Items

Especially if you purchase a house through foreclosure, or if the most recent owner recently passed away, you may open the garage or attic to find you've inherited quite a bit of stuff. A dumpster rental can be a big help when you are rummaging through the remnants of another life. Of course, you may find items that seem especially person, which will prompt you to track down the former owner's loved ones. At the end of the day, though, you'll need a safe, cost effective way to remove the debri to make room.