Although the heat has finally lifted, there are still considerations when it comes to your disposable waste and the elements, especially in cases of food waste. We all wish we could compost all the time; however, when this option is unavailable to us, it's comforting to know that food waste is the least of our worries in the landfill.

In cases where we are serving a large gathering, it's incredibly important to take care when disposing of any food stuff that might go bad after time spent in the open air on a buffet table or circulating among a crowd on serving trays. As any professional in the service industry knows, client/guest health is the single most important consideration.

Of course, now that the summer heat is finally waving is fond adieu, crab salad turned poisonous by the broiling sun is no longer as much of a danger; nor are those pesky flies. However, it is important that once foodstuff is disposed, it is fully contained.