Construction waste can quickly get to the point where it seems unmanageable, especially if you don't have a solid waste management plan in place prior to demolition/reconstruction. Having a plan in place, and a dumpster ready to go, not only makes your job more tidy and manageable, it's also better for the environment, as often large pieces of debris can be left on the ground, negatively impacting the surrounding ecosystem. Here are just a few considerations when thinking about hiring a dumpster service for your next major construction project.

Sustainable Construction

Ask any industry leader about sustainable construction, and you're likely to get an earful (of wonderful information). It's the number one consideration in the industry, and a comprehensive waste management plan is one of the main ways to manage waste responsibly.

2. How Many Dumpsters?

In a construction, demolition, or remodeling scenario, you first want to discuss with your contractor what waste can be diverted from landfills and what cannot. Then, it may be prudent to make a plan to rent more than one dumpster, so that you can sort materials as you go. Discussing a plan with your contractor, educating yourself on the resources available to you, and making a waste management plan prior to the start of the project, are all good ways to make a responsible waste-management plan.