Spring is in the air! If you're ready to get outside and tackle new gardening or landscaping projects, it can be easy to be discouraged by the mess of winter's leftovers. It is essential to clear out the mess before the beautifying can begin. Here are some areas you should be sure to check when you begin bringing your home's exterior back to its former glory.

Clean the gutters and make sure they are free of debris. Everything from limbs, to leaves, to squirrels' nut hiding places can clog up the gutters. Taking care of this can ensure the safety of your roof and exterior as you give the spring showers a safe route to travel.

Trim loose limbs that have weaken from ice and snow coverage. Pull down small limbs and cut larger limbs. It is always surprising how much of a different and trimmed tree can make in the landscaping of your home. It simply screams organization and attention to detail.

Clear sticks and leaves away from the base of your home. The winter winds have certainly blown the autumn leaf leftovers to the base of your home and along fences, disrupting the clean lines you are used to seeing. Use a rake or gardening gloves to clear these out and bring back the crisp border around your home.

These simple tasks will make a huge impact in your curb appeal so that you can feel good about starting those large spring and summer projects. Be sure to dispose of all yard waste efficiently and responsibly with help from Dumpsters Unlimited in Christiana.