It can sometimes feel like the walls are closing in on you. You start to feel more and more claustrophobic, on occasion, something just leaps off a shelf at you. Then you realize, this is just the result of an accumulation of junk. Your house manages to get packed to the rafters, and it accumulates different stuff in every season. Here are the four seasons of junk you can expect to see.


Well this one is easy. Spring is a time of renewal. Specifically, it's about renewing your house, meaning that home improvement projects start coming out of the woodwork. Remember all that stuff that broke during the winter? Now is the time to pay the piper, and the piper has left you a big pile of work to do, and why don't you build a storage shed in the back yard while you're at it. This will undoubtedly leave you with a dumpster load of scraps.


The time of year when pools start going up is incidentally the same time of year people start throwing pools away. It may have come in a neat package, but your above ground pool is actually quite cumbersome to get rid of. Even if you're fortunate enough not to own a swimming pool, you're still bound to accumulate a new garage corner full of lawn care tools.


Fall will dump tons of clutter in your lap. It'll drop leaves on you, knock the neighbors trees into your backyard, and force you to buy tools to either get rid of it or turn it into eight years worth of firewood. The inside isn't safe either, as you'll surely be adding to your wardrobe.


Winter is absolute chaos. Christmas alone takes up more of your space than all other seasons combined. First, there's the tree, Then there's the gift wrapping, mountains of it, and what's inside the wrapping must also find its place. Also, your living room floor is soon to be populated with broken toys.

All year long, we fight a battle for space. Should you start losing that battle, just give yourself a little space. Rent a dumpster and watch your junk drive off into the sunset.