Making some changes to your home this summer? Before you start tearing your house apart, it never hurts to take a step back and assess your needs. How will this affect your house? How much space are you willing to give up, and perhaps most importantly, how will you deal with all the refuse and leftover scraps from your project. The messes left over from some of your more extensive home improvement jobs are no joke. Here are some of the messiest.

Adding a room

Building a room from scratch should only be attempted by a seasoned home improvement pro. It also doesn't hurt to have access to a good sized dumpster. Your addition, aside from placing a gaping hole in your wall will come with more than a small pile of scraps, both from the new walls and the old.

Taking out a room

While the actual clean up time can vary based on the carefulness with which you've deconstructed your walls, the end result is still you having to throw away walls. A good bit of flooring scrap could have you spending even more of your Saturday mornings at the dump.

Re-insulating your attic

No job around your house is quite as nightmarish as pulling all of the insulation out of your attic, then carrying another house load back in. After it's all over and done with though, you're still expected to cart away a mountain of fiberglass cotton candy. Not easy to get rid of.

If you're planning on tearing down or building up a part of your house, keep the cleanup in the back of your mind. If you don't, the mess will remind you itself.