One thing we don't often talk about at Dumpsters Unlimited is what not to dump, but it's a crucial concern that we really do need to address, especially given the increasingly acute environmental situation. Also, remember, that it's possible to make arrangements to use our dumpsters for recycling. Here are just a few items you may not want to throw in the dumpster.

1. Recycling

It's becoming increasingly important to be mindful of viewing our waste as a renewable resource. Many of us have questions about where our recycling goes, especially now that China has become stricter about the condition of the recyclables they'll accept. But this shouldn't totally stop us from recycling. It's really a matter of weighing where your different kinds of recycling are going and to what purpose. For instance, there is still a market for used aluminum and other metals in the United States, so it's especially critical/productive for us to recycle these. Of course, styrofoam isn't recyclable at all, and what happens a lot to your glass refuse depends a lot on your location, so do your research, do your part, and let Dumpster's Unlimited take care of the rest.

2. Biohazards

Did you know that when someone dies alone, or there's a big bloody accident, it's not actually the police department that cleans it up? It's also not your average citizen. That's illegal. There are specially certified teams that clean up hazardous waste. Also, think twice and dispose of uncooked or rotten animal products with care. Meat remnants can be breeding grounds for bacteria, and those handling your trash might be taken off guard when exposed to your biohazardous waste.