There's more to consider when renting a dumpster than the cost. After all, you're doing more than just renting a dumpster - you are hiring a dumpster rental service. In addition to cost, it's also important to consider what size dumpster you need, ease of scheduling delivery and pick up, and whether it's important to hire a dumpster service that accommodates recycling as well as waste.

And that's just the tip of the dumpster service iceberg! Here are a couple of items to consider when hiring your next dumpster service.

People First

Ideally, you want to hire someone who feels like part of your community and cares about their employees. Dumpsters Unlimited cares about our community and puts people first. Every dumpster rental begins with a conversation, which is why we feel the most important factor in choosing a dumpster service is whether you feel comfortable having a conversation with a company representative about your needs.

Dumpster Service vs. Junk Removal

Especially when working on a renovation or move out clean, it can be tempting to hire a one-size-fits-all junk removal service. There are two main reasons to opt for a dumpster service, instead: first, a dumpster service will be able to help you determine how big of a container you need for your project, and a dumpster service can help you make more environmentally sound choices.