The idea: buy an expandable lightweight bag to fill with junk or waste from a home remodeling project. Great right?

The execution: not so great.

Here are the reasons why bag dumpsters are a waste of time, a waste of space, and most importantly a waste of money.

Location, location, location.

Many consumers, having filled their bag dumpsters to the brim in a perfectly ordinary driveway or yard have found out too late that the waste company couldn't or wouldn't pick up the bag because the driveway was "too small," there were "too many cars in the way," and "there was not the space equal to the space between the Sun and the Earth around it," wasting hours and non-refundable money.

Limited service areas

Bag dumpsters may be available at the home improvement store a mile away but you might as well be up the summit of a mountain because service areas for pickup are as limited as your patience for time-wasting when you have better things to do.

Poor materials.

Compared to more reliable dumpsters made out of hard materials, bag dumpsters are about as flimsy and collapsible as a plastic grocery bag. All it takes is one object too heavy or too sharp and that bag is confetti.

Size isn't everything.

Bag dumpsters might look like they could hold a lot but in reality if you don't read the fine print you could be putting more into it than the poor bag or the poor pickup people can handle (if they can get around your dog lounging in the driveway that is).